Ever felt truly happy and overwhelmed by experiencing a complete visual experience
of a wedding? If you haven’t yet, we have an amazing visual treat ready for you! We
have curated a capsule walkthrough of our gorgeous couple Aswathy and Jibin’s
Kerala Christian wedding festivities. In this curation, you shall see a complete visual diary from
engagement to post wedding highlights, all ready to hit the popular Kerala
Christian wedding photography trends of 2022.

Hiring the same team for the documentation of all the events shall help you break the
stress and easily warm up to your photographers. Thereby, it also helps in gaining
comfort as you approach your big day! Sit back and relax as we present you with
some Instagram-worthy poses for Kerala Christian wedding photography.

The Royal Engagement

Truly elegant! is how we would describe the latest Kerala Christian engagement
photography of Aswathy and Jibin! Be it the event decor, the joyful celebrations or
the striking chemistry between the couple, there is something fresh and unique in
every single element. The church ceremonies are followed by a cozy night event.

Evidently, our couple looks flawless in their twinning pastel palette for the outfits of
the day. Like always, we have focused on grabbing the most graceful candid moments
during portrait sessions as well as rituals. To point out, we have been experimenting
with finessing our low-angle frames with sharp shoot points.

The Haldi Bash

A Haldi bash turns out to be even more fun when both the families conduct the events
together. Evidently, couple portraits and group shots become more lively and
energetic with the presence of both families celebrating together. Hosted outdoors, the
photos are blessed with the best summer lighting.

Added to that, the bright colors of the day and the party mood have been also
reflected in the photos, bringing a cheerful pre-wedding bliss! Our couple has opted
for summer colors for their outfits, which beautifully contrast the yellow dress code of
the guests. Being an intimate family event, we managed to capture a lot of candids
and semi-candid poses in Haldi photography with the couple and the family!

Chandam Chaarthal – A Pre-Wedding Ceremony

Chandam Charthal is a pre-wedding ceremony conducted at the Knanaya Christian
Weddings in Kerala. To point out, the ceremony is a part of the groom’s bachelorette
party conducted at the groom’s house itself.

As per the Kerala Christian wedding trends of 2020, the Chandam Charthal has
evolved to be a great celebration for both families. And, the bride and the groom are
united often at the groom’s house to celebrate with their respective families. Our
couple had a lot of fun at the night event with some lovely music, traditional Knanaya
rituals and heartwarming family time.

The Pre-Wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding shoots are becoming more of a trend these days as it often helps in
curing the wedding stress and endless schedules. Most importantly, it is considered
a weekend getaway by the sonn-to-be-weds with their favorite photography team. As
seen in the famous pre-wedding photoshoots of 2022, concept shoots are winning
over the cliche farmhouse shoots and beach sessions.

Our couple has chosen a color-coordinated concept shoot with an Indian theme.
Captured at Port Muziris hotel, Aswathy’s lovely dance steps add a unique touch to it.
As compared to the regular shoot experiences, our couple had lots of fun documenting
their memories!

The Wedding

A Style Moment

Documenting vanity moments is something very precious and personal for most of the
soon-to-be-weds out there. Spending quality time at the vanity with the glam team
often remains a special memory for the bride and groom. And so is the documentation
of the same as said by the best wedding cinematographers in Kerala. Aswathy and
Jibin posed for a bunch of candids and semi-candids throughout the process to mark
this special memory.

As the timeframe of vanity preps is very important, our directions for candid
recordings were always made sure to be easy and hassle-free. So that, the bride, the
groom as well as the glam team feel comfortable in their spaces to join us in the
documentation process.

Portraits of Elegance

Once the vanity preps were over, the couple stepped outside with us for a brief
portrait session. For the session, we came prepared with some classic portrait poses
for Christian brides and grooms. For Aswathy’s candids, we have chosen a set of
graceful looks that are easier to achieve in posing.

Opting for simple sit-down poses for Christian brides helps to bag a handful of
single portraits even while caught up in the morning hustle. While Aswathy’s session
concentrated on graceful styles apt for her silhouetted mermaid gown, Jibin’s portraits
are beaming with confidence. Fresh morning light and suitable backdrop aesthetics
helped us polish the looks even more.

The Church Ceremony

Kerala Christian church weddings offer a series of intimate moments. From the
legendary Christian wedding rituals to a fully filled church enjoying devotional songs
and religious speeches, we get to see different emotions flickering between the crowd.
For finishing the ceremonial shots, we have used our signature black and white palette
in selected candids. Evidently, we have played around with sharp straight-angle
frames and subtle low-angles to cover the moments in fresh, unexplored viewpoints.

The After-Wedding Bliss

The couple entry is one of the most important parts of after-wedding bashes. Often
celebrated with dance moves and firecrackers, Aswathy and Jibin’s entry was nothing
less than a dream. Certainly, the black and white tones are adding total justice to the
photo with a statement lighting from behind.

Along with capturing the contents of the event, we have also tried to showcase the
beauty of the event decor in each photo. Prominent tricks like focus altering, selective
blurring etc are made use of to come up with interesting snapshots of the bash.

Venue & Event Decor

Capturing the elements and details of the event is as important as clicking the
newlyweds and the guests. As a part of documenting the gorgeous highlights of the
event decor, we have scattered around in search of beautiful details. As showcased
here, the palette of the decor revolves around vibrant shades of maroons and reds.

Added to that, we were overwhelmed with the countless drool-worthy frames of the
event decor, all decorated in detail. The custom table plates and the wedding stage
styling were some of the decor snaps that really excited us.

The Wedding Reception

The wedding reception which was organized as a separate family celebration is yet
another unforgettable part of the best Kerala Christian wedding photography of
Aswathy and Jibin. Dramatic bridal entries in Kerala Christian weddings are
never going off the trends any time soon due to the ‘wow factor’ it always brings.

The dim-lit venue decorated in a royal maroon palette looks perfectly in sync with the
couple’s attires. Though tuxedos and mermaid party gowns are still smashing the
fashion trends in Kerala Christian wedding receptions, going for a custom saree attire can
be never beaten by the upcoming trends. As Aswathy rocks in her silks, Jibin looks
dapper in his Indian suit attire.

We hope you had a great time flipping through the wonderful wedding highlights of
Aswathy and Jibin. Along with developing a custom color palette for each event, we
have also focussed on bringing trending editorial looks in wedding photography.

The magical chemistry between the couple while paired with lovely venue
decorations and intimate family moments helped us click candids that are
heartwarming. We would also like to point out the comfort factor that grew day by
day with every passing event, as our couple signed for the complete documentation of
their engagement, pre-wedding, wedding as well as post-wedding events!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Highlights of Aswathy & Jibin


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