Diamonds or Polkis for the wedding lehenga? Are you confused about the 2022
trends in wedding jewelry styling? Would you like to explore the vast variety of
bridal jewelry styles before you develop your look? We have a super-inclusive guide
on how to select your jewels for creating a bridal look of your own personal taste.

2022 wedding jewelry trends have been constantly getting revised with popping
celebrity weddings of Bollywood and Mollywood. Thereby, we would love to assist
you with your bridal jewelry hunt with the suggestions we collected from the most
successful wedding photographers of Cochin. Get ready to feel amazed!

1) Temple Jewelry for the Win

If you are visualizing something truly traditional that goes hand in hand with the
traditional Hindu culture, temple jewelry is your answer! Those who are ready with
fresh Kanjeevaram silks and Pattusaree outfits may brush through trendy temple
jewelry for Kanjeevaram Sarees.

Moreover, temple jewels are apt for brides who are trying to level up their bridal
outfit games differently. For example, if one is trying to make a statement with
minimal monotone silks and extensively carved heritage jewels. As the individual
pieces in this genre hold so much definition, a couple of necklaces and bangles shall
be enough to create a statement.

2) The Kerala Bride

As compared to Kundan, Polkis and temple jewels, types of traditional Kerala
bridal jewellery are simple in design and details. Interestingly, each piece is unique
and minimal in size and shape which makes it fuss-free to layer and experiment with.
Manga mala, Mulla Mottu mala and Lakshmi mala are some of the widely used
Kerala jewels for bridal styling.

Evidently, brides all across the nation handpick one or two varieties from this
collection to complete their look with something unique and elegant. A Lakshmi
necklace can easily blend with Banarasi silks and 9-yard Madisar sarees to even
designer lehengas. However, Kerala Kasavu sarees carry the best of grace and
elegance while paired with these lovely designs.

3) New-Gen Designs

When it comes to new-gen contemporary cuts, we see a lot of delicate curves and rare
colors. Clearly, lightweight elementary editions like these are perfect for modern
brides. Organza outfits, 2-piece skirt outfits with low-key embroideries and pearls,
sarees with pleated fabrics you name it! We smell a dash of weightless rose-gold
earrings and thin cuffs in all these choices.

Added to that, if you are aiming to not disturb your statement yet modern jewelry for
bridal wear, we highly recommend a trial of this lovely style. Especially, brides with
puffy gowns and experimental red-carpet designs shall find the contemporary niche
easy to wear and shine through!

4) Diamonds and Stones

Crafting a look only with Polkis or diamonds can bring a royal luxe feel. Brides often
fantasize about a pure white look with just diamonds on the ears, neck, arms and
fingers to bring in an exquisitely elegant look. Especially, snow-white bridal gowns
and bright shades of red are some of the styles that sync the best with pure diamond

And, those who like to have a pop of color often love stones like ruby and emerald
that matches their outfit. Though diamond bridal jewels are often worn in matching
sets, it’s super fun to handpick each piece to create a custom look.

5) A Fun Color Mix

Adding colors is a fun way to style and curate your bridal jewelry. Also, breaking the
monotone elements of the jewels with some colors would feel fresh and something
new for the eyes. Wearing a pearl choker or throwing some glass bangles can bring so
much difference. Surprisingly, many may think that it doesn’t make a noticeable
difference. But, in reality, a splash of color that is contrasting or monotone brings
more definition to the other layers with its nature.

6) Playing With Staement Pieces

Who doesn’t love making a statement with statement jewelry pieces!? We are talking
about unique rare jewelry for brides of 2022 that are enough to light up the entire
attire without any extra layers. Evidently, styling these pieces could be a little
confusing. The trick is to focus the attention on the necklace or the earrings or the
finger ring and leave the remaining elements empty or extremely minimal.

For example, if one is going for a statement necklace, the earrings shall be kept
simple and nearly nothing. Though the styling is completely up to you, this method
shall help you bring a beautiful balance.

7) The Layering Game

Layering can be quite fun if you are actively sourcing pieces of blendable energy. If
you are determined to create a custom neckpiece or bangle set, get ready to begin your
jewelry hunt much earlier than planned. Irrespective of the type and loudness of the
outfit, one can easily craft a sandwiched look for bridal jewelry with no one
figuring out, if trialed and finished with patience.

If you wish to build a Kundan or Polki style, make sure to source stackable necklaces
with uncut diamonds, pearls and stones. To highlight, mixing and matching these one
or two layered pieces with plain gold bands shall help you conclude.

8) The Art of Balancing

Who is up for some fun fusions? Fusing the same genre of jewels may seem boring if
you are someone who’s always looking forward to experimenting. Diamonds, Kundan
and Kerala Malas, ‘have it all, but make it balanced’is our tagline here. Our bride has
layered quite a variety of necklaces and bangles with her Pattu saree attire.

Starting with a medium-sized diamond-studded choker to temple necklaces at the
bottom, she wore a multilayered gold beaded necklace to add balance and break the
cliche feels. Her Kadas or cuffs are layered with thin bangles in between to match the
overall aesthetic.

9) Monotone Mood

Sticking to a monotone aesthetic brings so much neatness and order to the overall
bridal attire. However, filtering out a single tone for all the pieces can be difficult
unless the bride goes for pre-designed or custom-made sets. To begin with, one may
decide the base shade first that could be gold, rose-gold, platinum etc.


Added to that, the bride may or may not pick the secondary elements with respect to
the colors of the outfit. Going monotone from head to toe can be attained in bridal
jewels by sticking to a stone in case of selected color palettes like off white, red etc.

10) Mughal Inspired

A fun Sharara outfit and a layered lehenga outfit with lots of breezy net fabric shine
differently with Mughal-inspired jewelry for wedding. From head ornaments like
Passa to arm and finger decoration, there are quite a few ways to mold a Mughal taste
in your bridal jewels.

For saree brides, a statement choker with pearls can be a complete game-changer if
stacked with care. Evidently, bridal lehengas finished with traditional Indian motifs
and prints can be styled in glam with pearl engraved single pieces. To point out,
Muslim brides are often obsessed with experimenting the traditional Mughal designs
through customization.

We hope you got some lovely ideas to style your gorgeous bridal fit. Our curation
aims at providing easy and hassle-free ideas that can be tried by each and every one of
you. Along with discussing the different types of styling, we also focus on how to
select your jewels with respect to your outfit. We hope you enjoyed flipping through
the wedding jewelry trends of 2022. And we cannot wait to update you with more
tricks and tips on styling your wedding jewelry.

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